About Team Feels

We are united by a passion for people, for technology and a belief that good management is essential to breed a vibrant company culture. Our ambition is to build tools that are a breeze to use and offer amazing insights at the same time, empowering you to make decisions.

Our leadership have a wealth of experience in technical leadership, software engineering, team building, recruitment and more - so we think we know a little something, and we want pay that forward and help the next generation of teams reach their potential.

To put it simply: We are here to help teams and business succeed by promoting transparency and tapping into the power of fun, frictionless emoji-powered microsurveys 🤘.


"Our core belief has always been 'people first' and we just wanted to help businesses succeed with that central paradigm. It was clear that things needed to change, so we set out to build a tool to shake things up - we made it fun to use and put people at the heart of everything we do."

Team Feels Founder

We LOVE hearing from our customers 😍, we really do. Reach out to us for a chat anytime...